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      I would definitely tie it to the chores. Thats the only way a kid learns that
      money doesn’t come free. A friend of mine came up w/a wonderful idea…sure
      she heard it from somebody else but I heard it from her…lol anyway, she
      would set an amount her child/children would earn say a week and they would
      have chores that would need to be done in order to earn that money.

      stuff like
      taking their dishes from the dinner table was not a chore, that was part of
      being a family. anyway, each chore was assigned a monetary value and if that
      chore was not completed properly that set amount of money would be deducted
      from their total allowence. she said in the beginning there were a couple
      weeks where she didn’t have to give out any allowence but they soon learned and
      now she gives out full allowences on a regular basis….


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