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      I agree !! I do the same thing! If they don’t like what I make for

      dinner (and that includes the kids friends when they stay over!),

      they get a sandwich. It had cut out alot of arguing in the evening

      times! They also get what I provide them for snack, I usually give

      two snack options in which they have to choose 1. As far as wants,

      they don’t get them. I have made exceptions for some things

      providing that they earn at least half of the money for the item.

      This way they learn the value of a dollar and hard work. This has

      worked well for video games, and even then they only get if I find

      it used, LOL.

      — In, “DVICTOR1” wrote:


      > I was tired of everyone looking through the fridge and cabinets

      telling me

      > what they wanted me to fix them for a meal. I finally put my foot

      down. I

      > told them from here on out, the only time they will be ordering

      their meal

      > is when we go to a restaurant! I told them I will put their meal

      on a plate

      > in front of them and that will be their meal. My oldest daughter


      > spaghetti so I do have an exception for a peanut butter sandwich

      if they

      > don’t like what is being fixed.


      > It was amazing how fast they all adapted to it. The whining

      stopped, the

      > nagging for something I would not give them.gone! I wish I had

      thought of

      > doing this sooner.




      > For their “I wants” I tell them to save their money for it. I buy


      > needs and they get wants for special treats, rewards for straight

      A;s; and

      > for Birthdays and Christmas. Their grandparents bought them so

      much stuff;

      > we are out of room for it all. My five year old got a tent that

      fits two or

      > three people! It takes up her entire bedroom! Mom bought my 2

      year old a

      > huge bus shaped tent and a large rocking horse. They take up most

      of her

      > room and she doesn’t even play with the horse. I tried to get mom

      to take

      > it back, but she said just put it up if she doesn’t want it. I am

      an only

      > child and I am not having any more children, I don’t understand

      why she is

      > saving it. My oldest daughter is only 10. The horse cost at

      least $70! I

      > try so hard to teach my children to appreciate things, but their

      > grandparents’ breeze in and give into it. My oldest even told me

      if I told

      > her no, she would just go to my mom. I have even had to stop

      allowing my

      > oldest to spend the night with my mom because she would totally

      blow me off

      > and tell me “I am the grandparent; I can do whatever I want. It

      is my

      > house, my rules”


      > Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother to death, she is one of my


      > friends. It is just so frustrating sometimes. It makes me want

      to write a

      > piece titled “Grandparents of the 21st Century”.




      > Melissa in OK


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