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      We’re the same way. Our oldest daughter is going to be 11 soon, and

      already she has friends with cell phones, the latest MP3 players, etc.

      She’s going to a birthday party for a little girl tomorrow in her

      class. For the birthday, they’re driving down to Grand Rapids (south

      end, almost 2 hours away) to do a boutique party thing for this Club

      Libby Lu.

      I looked it up, cause I’d never heard of them. They do girly makeovers,

      stuff like “rock star”, “sparkle”, etc. The cost wasn’t listed

      outright, but it did show how much it could be per person, depending on

      the type, and the costs were up over $20 per kid for the cheap ones. I

      would love to have the kind of money where I’d be able to do that, but

      I still don’t think I could bring myself to actually do that for a

      birthday party.

      Anyway, it helps when the kids are younger if they don’t get lots of

      things, or get expensive things. If they get a $50 pair of shoes at 10,

      what will they expect at 13? Or what about 16, when they’ll want a car?

      I think we’ll be very realistic with our daughter when she gets closer

      to 16. We’ve been a 1 car family almost exclusivly for 10 years. We had

      a stint of 6 months when we had 2 cars, but 2 weeks after we got the

      2nd car, a 16 year old (he’d had his liscence 2 weeks) made a left turn

      on a blinking red in front of me, assuming that even though my blinker

      was off, I’d be turning. The car was drivable during the day, but the

      lights on one side were smashed out, and it was a gas hog (a huge

      cadillac), so it sat more than it was driven.

      I just don’t see the need to buy all sorts of stuff for kids or teens,

      when they don’t need it.

      — In, “Shawnee” wrote:


      > I know I for one do not give in to the “I wants” of my children. I


      > that if I do that now, my soon to be teens will be throwing fits for

      > $100 shoes and jeans. They always get what they need, and once in a

      > while get something they want, usually not the extremely expensive

      > wants, unless it is birthday time or Christmas.

      > Shawnee


      > — In, rani gee wrote:

      > >

      > > Playing hopscotch hide and seek even a game of rounders was all in


      > day’s fun for a thirteen year old in the good old days.

      > > Of course all good things come to an end


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