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      Great job Suzi !! I was one of those single moms raising children and everything you said is right on the button…altho, I never did receive support for one of my children who is 19 years old now…when she was a few months old, I had a paternity test done to show the father that he was the father…being young and dumb as I was, I did not pursue child support…needless to say, the father and I did not stay together and I lost track of him for 16 years…I did some research, found him, hired an atty to go after back child support and when it was all said and done, just b/c I could not put my hands on the orig records, I would’ve had to settle for like 5 years of support out of 16 since the father was denying doing that test 16 years before…Let me also tell you, this man was not
      broke, he had his own business, nice condo, a Harley etc..etc…well when he found out I was going for support, he hid ALL his assets…I decided not to settle for the 5 years and I’m still sitting here w/out the support..but, I haven’t given up…I live in the state of Ohio, and I do not have alot of faith in our system here…everything I found out was all on my own, Ohio will go after the deadbeat father, AFTER YOU give them the info to locate him…So all you single moms out there, don’t wait on child support, no matter what the father says to you, people change, they go on w/their lives and altho I don’t understand how a man turns his back on his child, he does…get the support NOW !!!

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