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    Chicken-Stuffed Zucchini Boats
    3 sized zucchinis
    1 tbs olive oil
    1 lb ground chicken or turkey
    1 tsp dry ranch seasoning
    1/2 cup buffalo wing sauce, or Frank’s Red Hot Sauce and 1 tbs butter
    4 oz cream cheese, softened
    1 cup shredded cheddar or Monterey Jack and cheddar blend
    1/4 cup blue cheese crumbles
    1 scallion, sliced
    Preheat the oven to 400°. Grease a 9 x 13 baking dish with cooking spray.
    Heat a medium skillet to medium high heat. Add the olive oil then add the ground chicken to the pan and break it up as it is cooking.

    Cook until the chicken is completely cooked through, stirring as needed. Remove the chicken from the heat (this is essential because if the hot sauce is cooked on the stove it can make the air very spicy!)
    Add the ranch seasoning, cream cheese, and wing sauce to the ground chicken. Stir to completely combine the ingredients.
    Cut each zucchini in half lengthwise.

    Scoop out the seeds of each half of the zucchinis.
    Place the zucchini halves in the greased baking dish. Divide the chicken mixture between all of the zucchini halves, filling so that they are completely filled. Sprinkle the top of each zucchini half with the shredded cheddar or other blended cheese.
    Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and place it in the preheated oven.

    Bake for 15-20 min, or until the cheese has melted and the zucchini is cooked through. Remove the foil and bake for another 5 min if crispiness is desired. Sprinkle with the blue cheese crumbles and the sliced scallion.

    Serve immediately! Serves 4

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Holidays & Special Occasions Sports Events Chicken-Stuffed Zucchini Boats