Chicken Soup w/Spinach and Crackers

Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dirt Cheap Dinners Chicken Soup w/Spinach and Crackers

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      This is my go to cheap meal for work and school. Makes about 4 servings and a little more than a dollar each!

      1 box of the cheap store brand dry soup mix, it will come with two packets but for this recipe you use one and than can make another bath with the other one, make sure it says two pouches
      1 Frozen Spinach Package, the cheap store brand 1.0oz, the box is easier to buy for this recipe and cheaper so no bag

      One Pot that can hold at-least 5 cups of water
      5 cups of water or both, doesn’t matter
      Salt/Pepper to taste
      Can be served with cracker or toast to make it fulling but its pretty filling on its own

      1. Your going to want to thaw the box of Spinach in the fridge for an hour or two.
      2. Unwrap the box and cut in half, save the other half in the freezer in a Ziploc bag

      Brings the 5 cups of water to a boil.
      4. Add the spinach and simmer till the Spinach is loose and is flowing through the water smoothly, no lumps!
      5. Add in one pouch of the soup and boil of medium heat for about 15 min or until the noodles are tender.

      That’s it! I know its doesn’t sound like much but its taste really good and is very simple.

      It makes about 5 cups so one cup per serving and freezes well.
      You can boil two soup pouches and the whole 1.0oz of spinach and make a big batch but this recipe is good for 2 people or just 1.

      This is my first forum post so please tell me if I did any thing wrong or I can improve more. I have alot of recipes I want to share

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      sounds yummy, Thanks for sharing!

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      Cookincutie11…you had me at spinachgiggle smiley Personally, I like scratch recipes. I try to avoid using recipes with processed foods.

      HOWEVER, when push comes to shove, I’ll do what I gotta do…just like you did with this recipe;-D You did well for your first post, this recipe is a keeper! Please keep posting, my friend!

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Budget Menu & Dirt Cheap Recipes Dirt Cheap Dinners Chicken Soup w/Spinach and Crackers