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      My favorite soup is so basic, I boil a whole chicken in 2 onions, a handful of carrots and celery. I add garlic to the water, when done and cooked pick the bones clean, save the broth.

      then I cut the chicken into bite size pieces, add the chicken and broth to my 9 qt stock pot, then I add bags of frozen peas, green beans and corn. I will add more water to make 8 quarts. I add garlic and onion powder as needed, if it taste week of chicken I will add soup starter(be careful this is salty). some times I will dice potatoes. cook for an hour or so until the veggies and potatoes are done if I don’t add potatoes, I will add egg noodles, cook for a few minutes until the pasta is done. I will also add a can of tomatoes before serving.

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