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      I’m considering buying some chickens for egg production. I live in northeast Florida and have an acre of land. We have a dog who is a hunter so we know that we’ll have to have a mobile pen for the chickens.

      My first question is how many chickens are good for a newbie? I’ve read 3-5. And is it better to raise from chicks or get pullets?

      This is something we are planning on doing in the near future and any help would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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      I have 5. I bought them grown because I had enough to learn without getting in to the baby end of things. We built a portable pen.

      It only takes 5 people to move it… I showed my husband a picture of the chicken house I wanted but he felt it necessary to tweek it a bit. I’ve had them about 6 months?

      They have been great. I love my eggs. I plan on getting more in the spring but do not think I will get babies.

      I would say it has been a good thing around here so go for it.

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      Thank you. I was considering older chickens because my boys are still too young to help with chicks. We saw some ideas about chicken houses and pens on the internet.

      Since my husband works during the day we’ll need to build a pen that I can move by myself.

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      I have 16 girls and 1 rooster. I did raise 1/2 from babies and 1/2 were bought around 20 weeks old. (They start laying around 20-24 weeks) My 3 year old helps with the chicken chores and can feed, gather eggs and help clean out the coop when its time.

      I don’t have him do the water just because ours is a bit awkward. I have had moveable coops that we had our meat birds in for the few weeks in the summer before they were butchered. A lightweight coop is great if you don’t have preditors that will get in, under or through at night.

      Otherwise, I would suggest getting enough birds for your families egg consumption. If your family goes through 4 eggs per day then 6 chickens would be a good bet. You will get aproximately 2/3 eggs to chickens.
      Chickens are really easy to raise and very entertaining as well.

      Having 8 instead of 4 doesn’t change the work involved since they will still need water, food and to be moved.

      Good Luck!!! I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do!

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      Rhode Island Reds (most popular), Barrod Brocks (black and white), Americana (blue eggs). My co-worker raises chickens in FL. Those are her suggestions.

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      I am also a new chicken owner and I started myself off with 11 chicks.

      I will first state my reasons for why: 1st) I have two kids and a husband plus myself and with eleven hens now laying I can comfortably use the eggs for baking and cooking and not have to worry about buying at the store.
      2nd) I wanted the chicks to raise myself because I remember as a child that chickens who weren’t handled could be a bit onery, so I raised mine in a bath tub in the house and I let my oldest son play with them and held them myself.

      They are very sweet hens and anyone can hold or catch them should they get out of their coop.
      3rd) I got eleven just incase any turned out to be roosters I would still have a pretty good number of hens and if they all turned out to be hens (which they did) I would still want that many.
      4th) also chickens are cannibals in a sense, should you get chicks and raise them to full grown and decide you want more you would have to get about three (to be safe) full grown or your original coop hens would bully the newer chicken.

      should the new chickens be chicks they would get killed by the older chickens, my grandma had that happen.
      Also, if any of your chicks or chickens get hurt and start bleeding it is possible tht the other chickens will peck at the wound and make it worse and depending on age possibly kill the injured one. I usually separate mine if I see that start happening.
      With all that I love having my chickens I feed them vegetable and bread scraps and they just love it and I love their eggs.:)lol

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      My flock always has heavy hens because they are not as flighty, and bantams because they love to set and will raise my replacement hens. I love my chickens they provide eggs and eat bugs in my yard. I live in the country so I always have roosters with my hens so I know the eggs are fertile and will hatch if I want new chickens.

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      I have 4 chickens ,We usually feed them with a little bit of rice and grass,let them hang out on the year passed and we get 2 eggs each day if they don’t want baby.

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