Chicken Camp Stew

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      Chicken Camp Stew

      This stew is popular among campsites:

      1 frying chicken, cut into pieces
      oil or shortening
      1 pkg. chicken noodle soup mix
      1 can mixed vegetables
      Bisquick (or equivalent)

      Brown the chicken pieces in a large cooking pot. Add the dry contents of
      the soup mix, with half the quantity of water called for on the soup mix
      package, and the can of vegetables. Cover and bring to a boil on camp
      stove, then simmer for about 45 minutes.

      Make up biscuit mix recipe and
      drop spoonfuls onto top of the stew and cover. Return to gentle boil and
      cook for 15 minutes or until done. If you have a recipe for baking
      powder biscuits you can use it instead of Bisquick.

      Cutting chicken into
      quarters and freezing it before going camping means you can make this a
      day or two after the trip starts, as long as you keep the chicken
      refrigerated. Remember to wash your hands and all surfaces the chicken
      has contacted, with hot soapy water. Getting sick on a camping trip is
      not much fun.

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