Chicken bog

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      if you have a pressure cooker this can be done in under an hour.

      bring about 3 cups water, 1 Chicken bouillion cube and 2 chicken legs to boil, pressure cook 8 min, remove from heat, run water over top to release pressure. Remove chicken to cool leaving stock in pot. Brown 1/2 diced onion in 2 Tbl butter (we use the dried minced onion) Add, onion, 1 cup rice, salt and pepper (to taste) to stock and cook about about 20-30 min.

      Meanwhile debone the chicken, cut into chunks and add to boiling rice mixture. Some people like to also add sliced smoked sausage but we prefer just chicken. cook until the consistency is juicy but not runny.

      Add hot sauce to taste.

      Will make about 3 or 4 servings.

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      Oh my goodness! You must be from my neck of the woods! 🙂 Most people don’t even know what chicken bog is!

      I miss chicken bog! Unfortunately, I don’t have a pressure cooker 🙁 .

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      Hi rtebalt, I’m from SC, is that near your neck of the woods? You don’t need a pressure cooker, use a regular pot and cook everything til it’s done. I just like the speed of a pressure cooker on lots of things.

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      I’m from Florence, SC. What town are you from? 🙂

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      Hi rtebald, I’m just down the road from your old stomping ground, Columbia SC

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      I have a bunch of bony chicken breasts and I’m trying to find recipes besides soup. What is bog? lol 🙂 Is it like a stew?

      I don’t have a pressure cooker either so I was wondering… if I wanted to do this, how much longer do you think it should cook for? Thanks!!

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      Been awhile since I cooked chicken in just a regular pot but I would cover with hot water, reduce heat , cover and simmer for maybe 45 min to and hour. You should be able to tell when the meat is soft and pulls away from the bone easily. you may want to remove skin before cooking to keep from having to skim off fat.

      chicken bog is kind of a stew. hope you’ll like it. (we like to get the onions almost black and also add lots of pepper to ours)

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      Sure sound southern to me (he he)

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      Never heard of chicken bog but is sounds good. Thanks

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      I’m allergic to rice but I still make this using tiny macaronis such as alphabet, estrellita’s (I live when we can get good Hispanic foods – they are just little star shaped macaronis) or orzo. I adjust when I put things in accordingly since the pasta only take about 10 mins. Still good.

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      If nothing else…a crockpot will do… I miss my pressure cooker, but adapt recipes to my crockpot;-D

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      This reminds me of a dish by a different name. I want to try it! Does anyone have recommendations for typical side dishes?

      I like to try to have veggies for sure, but another starch or something would work too. Thank you for sharing.

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      Yep, it’s a Southern thing, but easily adaptable for those don’t live down Southgiggle smiley

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