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      My Family Loves this Dish
      chicken and noodles

      2 Pieces Dark meat chicken(I use a Big Leg and Thigh)
      1 teaspoon Garlic Powder
      1 teaspoon Onion Powder
      1 teaspoon poultry seasoning
      6 Chicken bouillon cubes
      1 bag of wide chicken noodles
      6 Bay Leaves
      Salt and pepper(To Taste)(I use Original Mrs Dash)
      1stick of butter
      About 16 Cups of Water

      Dissolve Chicken Cubes in 16 cups of water add Garlic powder,Onion Powder,Poultry seasoning,Bay leaves and chicken Bring to boil Cook about and hour..until chicken is done..take chicken out..let it cool…Bring Broth to boil again(add more water if needed) add noddles to Broth cook by directions…Pull meat off the bone of the chicken..when noodles are done drain take out Bay Leaves add chicken pieces, Butter,Salt and pepper(or Mrs Dash) to taste Mix together Serve with Butter Biscuit or Butter Bread

      I Like to add a dash Of Franks red hot to my bowleat-1  smilie

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      This looks like a hit!
      My family has a favorite ‘chicken and noodles’ recipe too, but am gonna try this one too!

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      I meant to say one bag of wide noodles….I just saw my Mistake

      Edit because I spelled Noodles wrong..At the time of making Post we had a Tornado on the ground where I live

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      omg!! i hope everyone and everything is okay!!

      we’ve had “that” kind of weather today.
      i actually had to drive through a storm with a rain wrapped tornado this afternoon…just didn’t know it at the time. truly, it was scary and was thinking it seemed much more severe than just a garden variety summer southern storm. the whole time i was trying to make it down the highway, i was chanting “omg…omg….omg…”

      this is from someone who’s lived her whole life in the south and is used to pretty bad storms popping up. this one, was..well…worse.

      btw, we all make typos. don’t worry about it. if someone has a question about it, they’ll just post it and then you can answer…easy peasy.

      great sounding recipe.

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      I have been looking for a good chicken noodle soup recipe. Can I use white meat instead of dark meat? Or will that change things?

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