Cheesy Potatoes


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      My favorite really easy and cheap take some cheese (which I buy a big 5lb brick for $17 at Sam’s and then grate it myself so the cheese is only like $2 for this recipe), a can of cream of chicken soup (65 cents), and some potatoes (these I either get homegrown/given to me or else I buy a huge 50lb box on sale for $12 and only use 4-5 potatoes, not sure exactly what the price would be). Any way you thinly slice the potatoes and stick them in a cake pan. Then cover with grated cheese and then spread the can of soup over the top. Bake at 350 for about 30 minutes or until the potatoes are done. I usually serve with squash or beans as a veggie. You can also take it camping (which I due often) and it cooks great over the fire! ENJOY!

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      I love cheesy potato recipes! Some people like candy, cake, or other sweet things…just give me a potato insteadgiggle smiley

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      Where can you buy a 50lbs box of potatoes? I feed 5 and would love to get a deal like this?

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