Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Grocery Stores Check your clearance shelf!

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      My food Lion always has a clearance shelf. Well this time, I hit the mother load!! They had Golden grahms 1.49 box.

      Thera Flu 1.19 a box, Puffs with vicks (purse size) .29 cents, crayola paints and lil paint brushes .75 each. Plus others items that I didnt get . When i asked why they had so much when it is usually 1 shelf….they said it is time to take stock and what is not selling is going on the clearance.

      :041: I will be returning

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      I love when they really have those deals at food lion, I get some really good deals there too!!

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      i wish we had a food lion here

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      No Food Lion in OKC either. Sometimes Wal-Mart sets up some shelves with stuff but it is rarely anything I can use and evidently nobody else can either!

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      I’ve been noticing these clearance tables at Winn-Dixie in my area. But I haven’t taken advantage of them yet. I see great things in there but I never have the right coupons with me at the time. But no Food Lions here either!

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      A clearance shelf sure is nice. My local Food Lion is 5 miles away and they don’t double coupons so I usually don’t go there unless their ad has some really good specials.

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      oops posted this in the wrong place!!

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Sizzlin’ Hot Deals Grocery Stores Check your clearance shelf!