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      You might try eBay, my grandaughter got some great savings on there

      last year. Another good site is, which is actually a

      subsidiary of eBay. On there you don’t bid, you just see what

      everyone’s charging and pick one. They’re great for books and music. A

      lot of times cheaper than eBay too. And their shipping charges are

      cheap (media mail). I usually watch for one with good feedback ratings

      too. Also searching the individual books in Google might be a way to

      see what’s out there cheaper. I do that a lot for comparisons. I am a


      Good luck,


      — In, “joes71351” wrote:


      > I know I’ve seen websites listed on this group for finding textbooks

      > cheaper than new. But I didn’t write them down at the time, of course,

      > and now I need them. My daughter will be a freshman in high school in

      > the fall and two of the textbooks she needs will be brand new, and

      > costing around $90 EACH.


      > Can someone direct me? Thanks.


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