Cheap Travel Snacks for Kids

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      * Before we hit the road, I let my kids make their own Chex mix, without nuts. I also travel with Nutri-Grain bars, crackers (Cheez-Its, Sesame Twigs, Triscuits, etc.), raisins, grapes, Sun Chips, Gorilla Munch (an organic cereal similar to Kix), celery sticks w/peanut butter and raisins for protein to combat sluggishness from riding in the car, and bananas! — ladydst83

      * A mix of rice and wheat Chex cereal with some pretzels added — I give this to my grandson when we are on the road. — wikiscogg

      * Popcorn, esp. the low-fat kind — sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on it for more flavor. — nickel76nicky

      * My kids chow these down: Cut up whole-wheat flour pita bread into pieces. Brush on olive oil, bake for about 12-15 minutes, remove and sprinkle with garlic powder and shredded cheese. Continue baking until crispy. — dkjones27

      2. FREEZE ‘EM FIRST Make mini banana-nut bread loaves, freeze, then thaw in morning and slice for snack; great with peanut butter and slice of banana on top … Mix fruit or jam into yogurt and freeze in small, snack-sized Ziploc bags for frozen yogurt on the go. Cut a hole in the end of the bag for easy access/eating…. Make a batch of pudding and add coconut, nuts, marshmallows, crushed cookies, or sprinkles. Pour into molds. Freeze several hours until firm (stays nice as it thaws!) — nickel76nicky

      3. PITA POCKETS Stuff them with things not normally in a sandwich — pizza-type cheese and pepperoni, thick chili and cheese, veggies, hot dogs — and heat. Also, tortilla roll-ups may be fixed ahead and kept warm. If the fillings are messy, wrap in waxed or parchment paper. Then put them them in your warm cooler. — BAlieceHall

      4. SALAD (YES, SALAD!) I either put it in a small bowl and the kids can put dressing on it, or in a to-go cup so they have “shaker salad.” I bought little Tupperware-type containers from WalMart that are square with a small round center, with its own lid. I’ll put veggies and dip in one and cheese and crackers in the other. The kids really like it. — photomomof2

      5. HEARTIER FINGER FOOD Homemade sweet potato fries, chicken tenders, fish sticks, corn dogs on a wooden skewer, hashbrown patties from the store, wrapped in wax paper. A favorite: mini meatloaves stuffed with mashed potatoes — it’s not hard to do in a muffin pan. — nickel76nicky

      6. CUT-UP APPLES A little orange juice will keep them from turning brown. –mom2curty

      7. DON’T FORGET THE DRINKS Take plenty of water! Fill plastic water bottles 2/3 up and freeze; then put in a small cooler instead of ice to keep foods cool. When they melt, you have nice cold water on hand. Juice boxes also freeze up well; just pack in anything that needs to stay chilled around them. — nickel76nicky

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      There’s also homemade granola bars, homemade nutri-grain bars, hard boiled eggs or deviled eggs (if you have small cooler!), if you have a jar of peanut butter that’s about to run out- fill it with celery sticks!

      Carrots & Dip, Yogurt Cups, Fruit Cups, oatmeal crème pies, etc.

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      Here’s another really easy idea when you’re traveling with kids. They have plastic boxes in the crafts section (& also the fishing department) of big box stores like Walmart, target, Kmart, etc. You can purchase them for just a couple dollars.

      Wash them thoroughly and provide the kids with an assortment of various snacks (from the list in the first post!)

      It keeps everything nice and neat and gives the kids something to choose from.

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      Those are good ideas in preparing food for kids when travelling. I also prefer a homemade snack options

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