Cheap moving gift???

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      I will often make a gift of bean/split pea soup mix, salad mix, ranch
      dressing, and baked cornbread. There are many soup mix recipes (my
      favorites are holiday bean soup, friendship soup, and patchwork soup).

      Go to GardenRidge or your local dollar store and find a flatish basket
      ($1-2). Make the Soup mix in a quart ziplock and staple the
      directions to the top(above the zip)($1-2). Make an 8″ pan of
      cornbread. Put in a 1lb bag of garden salad mix ($1-2) and a small
      bottle of ranch dressing ($1-2). At the most, it will cost about
      $10. Usually more like $6.

      What is nice is that the bean soup can simmer and make the new house
      smell good all day. And the salad mix and cornbread store well in
      the fridge for a few days if they can’t make it right away.


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