Cheap moving gift???

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      Hi, When I moved into our house, the best gifts I received were
      casseroles already made and ready to use or freeze for another day.
      It was so nice after a hard day unpacking and arranging, that all I
      had to do was to pop one of these in the oven to have a home cooked
      dinner ready. Carmellyn

      — In, “Tara Moses”
      > There is a gal at work who is moving to the country and the nosy
      > secretary here wants everyone to pitch in for “her” gift meaning
      > give her money and I just hate that and want to give her something
      > from me. I wanted to know if you had any ideas for gifts for
      > who will be staying at home with 2 twin boys (3 years old) and a 1
      > year old daughter.
      > Of course I want this to be cheaper items.
      > Thanks for you help in advance.
      > Tara

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