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      yes Please Menus would be handy! I am in very much need of how to pay off my debt of my bills! I am now working and still am running out of money!

      As of this moment I have no money to my name! I want to save especially for emergencies but I dont know how! I just found out I owe the bank 15 dollars as of today and by friday it can goup as much as 42 dollars!

      Im going to have to close the account because I dont see the sence of using and ATN-Debit card and getting charged each time I use it! Besides I have no money in the bank at all!
      I really need a simple budget plan that can work with me and my kids needs as well as get my bills paid and can save as well,if i ever get a flat tire i wont have any money to buy a new tire or anythign like that!

      Where would I find your booklet of the 30-day meal menus??

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