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      Since you used to be a vegan and family members can't tolerate greasy stuff…try and Dr McDougall's site and check your library for any ofthe McDougall or Dr Ornish's cookbooks. Plenty of pregnant women thrive on a vegetarian or vegan diet while pregnant, but I personally stopped being a vegetarian when I was pregnant because I couldn't tolerate vegetarian proteins. Can your stomach handle it?


      On Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 11:00 PM, Nicole <> wrote:

      For groceries we have really cut back but I need some more ideas to
      really stretch the budget. I am trying Hillbilly housewife for all
      meals/snacks except dinner (no one in my house would eat like that).

      So for dinners I am just winging it. I was hopeful for some more meal

      2 of my children are sensitive to sugar and gluten
      my husband and 1 of my daughters cannot tolerate greasy, fatty foods
      or high processed

      My husband cannot tolerate very acidic foods
      I used to be a vegan, so I am not into too much meat or heavy
      meals..I tend to have an easily upset stomach

      If you have any ideas or websites let me know.


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