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      “Nicole” wrote:

      > We have to prepare for a worst case scenario with my c-section and

      > birth of child.

      Dear Nicole,

      Forgive me if I relay information that you already know.

      I had 2 c-sections (1st one life-or-death, second one not to repeat

      1st situation). Luckily, I had insurance. It is a tough recovery

      after, and I do not know if you’ve had c-sections before, but don’t

      over-do it. I did, and it turns out i tore some things inside that

      weren’t detected until a hysterectomy 5 years later. The doc had to

      sow my guts back up to the abdominal wall. (More than most want to

      know on a Thursday, I am sure.) Enough of the been there, take care.

      Now, for savings…

      Have you signed up for all those free baby things? They send you

      samples, free parenting magazines, formula, diapers, etc. Will you be

      breastfeeding or formula feeding? The reason I ask, is because I just

      got a sample of formula in the mail, and I have no need for it. There

      is also free things to sign up for while you are at the hospital–ask

      the nurses for the papers.

      Check freecycles for diapers. Sometimes people buy 2 or 3 packs at a

      time, and then their child has a growth spurt, and they cannot use the

      last package, so they offer them on freecycles sometimes. Many people

      on freecycles offer baby clothes and items of all kinds–including

      cribs sometimes! Just go to and type in

      your zip code, or that of a close town.

      Does your husband cook? Do you have any close friends willing to

      bring dinners? I have stomach issues too, but the mail problem here

      is that only 1 out of 4 of us will eat anything. We have 3 picky

      eaters, so I often have to make 2 meals in one. Maybe you could tell

      us the kinds of things that are eaten at your home, and we can add

      ideas to that. Are there things that can be made in advance?

      Coupons & bulk are usually a source of savings. Maybe you could tell

      us what coupons you need, and folks could send you some. Our local

      paper rarely has more than 6 coupons in it, and they are lousy ones.

      There are coupon swapping sites too. Sometimes a coupon item on sale

      turns out to be less expensive than bulk.

      Do you have a neighbor with a glut of zucchini or tomatoes? Maybe

      they will share them with you.

      I have those formula samples, but also diaper ones. If you are

      interested in them I can mail them to you. Please contact me directly

      at and we can set it up.

      Good Luck,


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