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      — In, “Nicole” wrote:


      > We have to prepare for a worst case scenario with my c-section and

      > birth of child. In a best case scenario we will be paying $6,000


      > of pocket. In a worst case, we will be paying $12,000 out of


      > It is extremely important that we stay under budget.


      > Our bills that are flexible are water and electric/gas. I am asking

      > my children to take shorter showers and may actually get a count


      > timer. For electric I am goign to try to minimize what we use and

      > keep the heat low in the winter and high in the summer. For gas, I

      > have chosen to stick close to home for the kids activities (1

      > activity 20 minutes away, weekly, 1 15 minutes away twice a month).

      > For groceries we have really cut back but I need some more ideas to

      > really stretch the budget. I am trying Hillbilly housewife for all

      > meals/snacks except dinner (no one in my house would eat like


      > So for dinners I am just winging it. I was hopeful for some more


      > ideas…


      > 2 of my children are sensitive to sugar and gluten

      > my husband and 1 of my daughters cannot tolerate greasy, fatty


      > or high processed

      > My husband cannot tolerate very acidic foods

      > I used to be a vegan, so I am not into too much meat or heavy

      > meals..I tend to have an easily upset stomach


      > If you have any ideas or websites let me know.


      > Nicole

      > has a lot of easy cheap recipes as well as

      budget 101, also is a good site. For me a one

      of my go to recipes is

      Tatot Tot Casserole:

      1 bag of tator tots ( you can use southern style potato to cut back

      on fat)

      1 lb lean gr beef ( I use bulgar made with beef broth for half the


      cheese soup ( white sauce with cheese whiz)

      Mix and bake at 350 degrees for 30-40 minutes. As you can see this is

      a forgiving mix.

      Casseroles are usually cheaper, you can bulk up with rice, pasta,

      potatoes. I use couscous or bulgar made with broth to stretch the

      meat aspect and being vegan (at heart?) this would be a great way for

      you to not eat too much meat. Where I buy bulgar it is a bit

      expensive but it goes a long way. I use bulgar in all of our ground

      beef dishes: spaghetti, sloppy joes, hamburger helper. Hope this

      helps, blessings

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