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      > Our long distance just went up in price. We pay $5 per month for 60

      > minutes of long distance. We don’t use long distance much


      > and when we do we try to always use the cheap SAMS 3.3 cents per

      > minute AA & T card. We generally wind up using about an hour of


      > distance per month that we just pick up the phone and make a short

      > call without dialing all those extra numbers that you have to dial

      > with the long distance pre-paid card.


      > So… A T & T says that we MUST declare a long distance carrier.


      > is out there that is super cheap per month? What happens if we


      > declare a long distance carrier? A T & T has a plan that has NO

      > monthly fees. But, if we pick up the phone and forget to use the

      > pre-paid card, it is THIRTY-FIVE cents per minute! Ouch!


      > Thanks!


      > Hope64


      Skype is the cheapest around. Just go to

      Kelly in IL

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