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      Hi, my name is Kami and I usually just lurk. I have learned a lot, but don’t
      have much to contribute. I do have a question you guys might be able to help
      with. I am trying to help a family this year where the father was laid off.
      He had just brought his family from Mexico and they don’t speak any English.
      We helped him with his citizen test several years ago and he’s been saving like
      crazy to bring his family here. Anyway, once they got here he was laid off and
      he mentioned that his unemployment check will be delayed several weeks because
      he worked in another state. He has 4 kids and we just found out today his wife
      is pregnant again. I got the feeling that birth control is fairly taboo in
      Mexico. I don’t know. They seemed about to cry but said God was sending them
      another and that they were happy. I got them set up with WIC and an OB/GYN,
      but they have nothing for Christmas. I am on a limited budget myself but my
      husband and I agreed not to get each other anything (we don’t need a thing!).
      These guys don’t even have beds! They are all crammed into a 2 bedroom tiny
      apartment. I am wondering if you all know of any cheap websites for toys. I
      am going to look at the dollar store and Wal-mart. I have checked the want ads
      for bunk beds. My church will provide food and some toiletries. But what I
      would really love is, if any of you come across a STEAL, let me know. Like
      clearanced out items that are just too cute or something. There is an 8 year
      old boy, 4 year old twin girls and a 3 year old girl. I was thinking maybe a
      used nintendo 64 or something where the games are still cheap, things where
      shipping isn’t sky high, etc. If any of you has any ideas I would be
      grateful! You come up with the best stuff on this site.
      On another topic, I make the same fudge as Julie (I think it’s Julie, I get the
      digest and am not looking right now) with a few variations. I take a pkg of
      choc chips, a half package of butterscotch chips, a can of sweetened condensed
      milk and melt all together, add a tsp of vanilla and about a cup and a half or
      so of black walnuts and it’s the best fudge I have ever had and the easiest.
      It’s like a candy bar. YUM! I hope this helps.
      Kami in Iowa

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