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Holidays & Special Occasions Valentines Day Cheap Gift Ideas

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      Cheap Gifts

      Want to impress your date but don’t have a big budget? Here are five cheap gifts you can buy that will keep your date in love with you.

      Handmade Valentine’s Day card. Show your love by creating a unique, sentimental card that demonstrates you care more than a store-bought card ever could.

      Cake with a personalized message. Buy an ice cream or chocolate cake, along with colorful icing. Pour your heart out in a sweet message of love written across the cake.

      Love song mix tape. Download or record the most meaningful songs in your relationship and compile them together into a greatest hits album.

      One hour massage. Leave no body part untouched as you use your hands to melt away a year’s worth of stress.

      Poem of love. Say it all in words by declaring your love in a creative poem
      Have it framed for posterity and the words will be an eternal reminder of your dedication to each other.

      Author: Jeff Cohen

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Holidays & Special Occasions Valentines Day Cheap Gift Ideas