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      Can’t help you with ideas, since I am in a similar position. I just bought
      acreage next to a cattle ranch, and the rancher apparently has a reputation
      for shooting the neighbors’ dogs if they wander onto his property! I have
      two dogs, so I am trying to fence my ten-acre parcel as cheaply as possible!

      If you get any good ideas off-list, I would love to hear of them!
      Meanwhile, I used to live on a corner lot in a not-so-great neighborhood,
      and I didn’t have a fence at all up front – just a small fenced in back yard
      and a really good alarm system (including wired screens that would set off
      an alarm if someone cut through them). Could you perhaps limit your fencing
      to a specific area, thus cutting the cost down a bit?

      Other option, if the city allows it, is to set up the chain link again, and
      hot-wire it. That should keep vandals from thinking twice about trying to
      mess with you! Out where I am moving to, I am considering range fencing,
      but that wouldn’t work for your situation.

      Sorry I can’t be of more assistance, but you definitely have my sympathies!

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