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      Hello all!
      We have a problem with our fencing and I am hoping you all can help
      us out with some ideas!
      When we purchased our home, there was an existing chain link fence in
      place. It needed some work, most of which we have done. However,
      due to numerous reasons (vandals, bus stop on our corner, etc), some
      of the fencing poles along the top have been bent down to the ground
      we are trying to come up with a sturdy fencing idea – i just priced
      the wrought iron and we can’t even touch that ($125 per 8 ft panel –
      would run us about $5,500 for our 1/4 acre!).

      Privacy is not an
      option as it would end up with graffitti and encourage a break in to
      our home.
      Adding to this problem is the fact that we do have a pool so the
      fence must be very sturdy and allow no little ones to get through.
      anyone have any ideas??????
      tanya in fl

      from: “harriedmomof3” <
      Date: Sat Mar 22, 2003 12:14 pm
      Subject: Cheap Fencing HELP xpost

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