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      We just did this the other night – it was a bit of a experiment in trying to come up with dinner & empty fridge, you know….

      1 pkg of augratin potateos (big lots $0.60)

      1 10oz can of chicken breast (big lots $2)

      few handfulls of frozen peas

      I mixed the potatoes according to directions on the stove & then tossed in the chicken ( I could have used the smaller 5oz can but the 10 oz made it more meaty). Then right b4 it totally thickened I tossed in a few handfulls of frozen peas. It was a quick good filling dinner that was way cheap to make.

      I’ve also added canned chicken to ramen noodles, & frozen vegis….same sort of meal.

      its fast easy & usually use pantry items that I try to keep stocked for when the fridge is empty


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