Cheap Fall Date Ideas

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      Fall Ideas

      Decorate the house for Hallowe’en or Thanksgiving.
      Carve pumpkins.
      Make a two-person costume and go trick-or-treating together.
      Go on a hay ride (or a haunted hay ride).
      Go pumpkin picking.
      Go apple picking and make an apple pie with the apples.
      Do homework together. Really.
      Go to a school sports event together.
      Join a school club together.
      Go in-line skating.
      Make a scarecrow together.
      Go bike riding.
      Get a big old barrel, water, and apples and invite a group of friends to dunk for apples. Have a camera available.

      There will be great shots!
      Go to a flea market. Find the silliest thing for sale.
      Go to a historic site. Try to talk like people from that period of time.
      Take an American Sign Language Course together.

      This way you can talk to one another in class and not make any noise and not have anyone else understand what you’re saying!.
      Go to a football game and cheer for the underdog or for your home team.

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