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      This is one my father made in a wok when we were little kids. I make it on the stove sometimes for dinner, sometimes for breakfast. But it’s always a hit with hubby. (Natalie never complains and eats anything.)

      This serves Sean, Natalie and I with a little bit of leftovers.

      There wasn’t any set numbers from my dad. Mostly what we want that day.
      Today I used 3 large potatoes. (runs less than $1 potatoes are .21 lb here)
      a little bit of chopped onion to taste (probably around .15 worth)
      and eggs to coat and stick together (I usually use around 6 so .30)
      It feeds all of us for less than $1.50.
      Put the chopped potatoes and onion in a frying pan and cook until the potatoes are tender.

      Then add the eggs that have been scrabled. Finish cooking until the eggs are done. Can add veggies or peppers to change it around for different meals.

      From: “Lynn & Sean”
      Date: Mon Jul 1, 2002 5:17 pm
      Subject: Another Cheap Recipe

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      @darlenesundstrom 8242 wrote:

      I was just wondering if this ever goes bad or how long does it last?

      I’m not sure about the fridge but I keep my bacon grease in the freezer so you wouldn’t have to worry about the spoiling.:045:

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      I make this with a tablespoon of bacon bits and throw it in tortillas with those packets of hot sauce (the ones you always get waaaaay too many of at Taco Bell) as breakfast burritos.

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      can’t use that good tasting bacon grease anymore because of heart health issues, have to eat HEALTHY now, (most of the time anyway) the recipes sound good though. My Mom used to do this with leftover egg noodles.

      Where in the world do you get potatoes for 21cent a pound????
      prices in SC at the grocery store are averaging $4 to $5 for 5pounds. I was thrilled when I snagged a 15 lb bag on markdown for 1.99 not long ago and we had potatoes for almost every meal for awhile.

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      This recipe has been a family favorite for over 80 years or more in our family. My father’s mother, who was a cook for a lumberjack camp in Canada back in the late 1800’s, made this for the men before starting their day. A good “stick to the ribs” meal!

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      That looks very good and filling! I love all three things, especially potatoes and onions sauteed together, yum! This would be nice with some thick French or Italian bread toasted w/butter and jam.

      Thanks for the recipe! 🙂

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      I love to make things like this. I like to bake my potatoes in the microwave first. It really cuts down on cooking time. In VA we have a frugal, family friendly resteraunt chain.

      They cut up their left over baked potatoes and fry golden brown and serves this on their vegie bar.

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      MMMMM! Making me hungry! Hubbie would love this for breakfast!

      I mught do this on Saturday! 🙂

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      I often make this for my family. We add our own special touches, of course.

      2 lb potatoes .76 (10 lb for $3.79)
      bacon drippings FREE (leftover and saved up in the fridge)
      onions and bell peppers $1 (or free in the summer)
      6 eggs .55 (eggs run between .88 and 1.25/ dozen here, depending on the week)
      minced garlic, hot sauce, salt and pepper .05
      4 oz shredded cheese (sprinkled over the whole pan) .60 (bought in bulk)
      flour tortillas .25 (bought in bulk at .25/dozen and frozen)

      Even though prices have gone up quite a bit since this thread was originally posted, it still comes out to about less than $3.25 for breakfast or dinner for my whole family.

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      Be great with leeks also

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      @Jsquared 96181 wrote:

      I’m not sure about the fridge but I keep my bacon grease in the freezer so you wouldn’t have to worry about the spoiling.:045:

      I keep bacon grease in the fridge AND freezer. lol I’ve not had any go bad in the fridge, but for that possibility, I only use small containers…about a cup or so and only keep one in the fridge at a time.
      When I have more, I pour it into the same sized small containers, date, seal, and freeze it. When I’ve used all in the fridge, I grab one out of the freezer. 😉

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      @Niddi 97028 wrote:

      prices in SC at the grocery store are averaging $4 to $5 for 5pounds

      Wow! Niddi, you need to start shopping at Aldi over off garners ferry Road- it’s never more than $2.49 for 10# of potatoes. All of their veggies are dirt cheap and yummy.

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      I usually make a similar recipe on Sunday evening. I add any leftover vegetables from the past few days and sometimes roll it up in a tortilla or stuff it in a pita bread depending on what I have. Most of the time I add a small salad for a light meal.

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      This sounds great! Thanks for the recipe!

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      Wow, reading this made me hungry. I just found a bunch Ramen noodle recipes, the Ramen noodle re-entered my life when I decided no more credit card use. Finding these recipes has me excited.

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      I love to cook potatoes in bacon grease. I microwave and cube them. I add seasoning like Lawry’s and chili powder. I’ve added diced ham and cooked it like a hash. I like to fry an egg and put it on top of my potatoes. The yolk makes a yummy gravy. If I’m serving it for dinner I cook up some broccoli. Thank you for your recipe. It’ll be on my monthly menu.

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