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      Savin’ Moola wrote:
      This is one my father made in a wok when we were little kids. I make it on the stove sometimes for dinner, sometimes for breakfast. But it’s always a hit with hubby. (Natalie never complains and eats anything.)

      This serves Sean, Natalie and I with a little bit of leftovers.

      There wasn’t any set numbers from my dad. Mostly what we want that day.
      Today I used 3 large potatoes. (runs less than $1 potatoes are .21 lb here)
      a little bit of chopped onion to taste (probably around .15 worth)
      and eggs to coat and stick together (I usually use around 6 so .30)
      It feeds all of us for less than $1.50.
      Put the chopped potatoes and onion in a frying pan and cook until the potatoes are tender.

      Then add the eggs that have been scrabled. Finish cooking until the eggs are done. Can add veggies or peppers to change it around for different meals.

      From: “Lynn & Sean”
      Date: Mon Jul 1, 2002 5:17 pm
      Subject: Another Cheap Recipe[/quote

      I like to make this when I have leftover baked or boiled potatoes but I dice the potatoes and then deep fry them untiil crunchy. Sometimes I even coat the potatoes in flour before frying.

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