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      A fairly inexpensive afternoon out or date night could be a game at a

      minor league field. I had never been to a “professional” game before

      last summer AND absolutely loved it. We are already planning a trip

      to at least 2 minor league games(tickets for those are about $5-10

      each) and 1 major league game this summer(I got a good deal on the

      MLB tickets-$60 each w/eats, beer and soda included!). Anyhow, at

      the minor league game we went to they had all kinds of goofy games

      between innings. They were a hoot to watch. One involved people

      dressed as eyeballs running a race. They game was good too and we

      were yelling just as loudly as everyone else. A free version of this

      might be to go and watch a high school or little league game.

      Another inexpensive “date” we go on is fishing. The license is

      inexpensive and lasts until year’s end. Once you get set up with

      tackle(and you can get a cheap, basic rod and reel for under $20),

      pretty much your only cost each time is bait and even that can be

      free if you wanna dig up worms ;-). Hubby and I will often go

      fishing either early on a Sunday morning(about 6 am – 9 so we still

      have the day ahead) or of an evening. The bonus is if you catch

      something it saves on food costs.

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