Cheap Date Ideas (Summer)

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      Visit the carnival

      Go to the drive in ( this is my faverite) its cheap and entertainment for the whole night not just an hr
      My Dh and I go early and put our futon mattress in the back of my MILs truck. its cozy and romantic.
      Find a local Drive in

      Check your local area for ideas Usually your city will have an booklet of things to do in your area.
      i found all kinds of things I never knew happend in our area a lot of them are free or just have a gate fee
      and You can walk around all day.
      Examples being: a local park collects surup from the maple trees. they have a pancake breakfast and
      people showing everything from how the natives used to collect and use surup to how they do it now and how to make kettle korn
      I really enjoyed my self and ive never had better kettle korn. breakfast was $5 and everything else was free.

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