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      Go canget a gophone for under 20 dollars online.

      —- randphill <> wrote:

      > Let me start by saying that, given my “druthers”, you would never

      > catch me near a cell phone. There is very little about them I find

      > appealing. But I’ve come to a point in life when being able to reach

      > people and to be reachable has become important. So now I’m looking

      > for a cell. All I want is to be able to send and receive calls. It

      > doesn’t have to take videos or get on the internet or fetch my

      > slippers (I do hear some of them can pop popcorn, but I already have a

      > microwave.) Oh, and I want it to be cheap. Cheap. Cheap. ….did I

      > mention cheap?


      > Any suggestions?

      > Randal


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