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      Recently, I had to make breakfast for my husband in a hurry.(he gets home at 8:00a.m.) I had two cups of left over rice. I made microwavable sausage and scrambled 4 eggs. I mixed the three ingredients together and tossed in garlic powder/pepper.

      Yummy. Breakfast was ready in about ten minutes. He loved it and it only cost $1.15 for a breakfast for two.

      Here’s the price breakdown:

      4 Eggs .36 ( doz. of eggs cost 1.19)
      4 microwave sausage patties .50 ( pack of 8 cost 1.00)
      rice .29 (sm. bag of rice .99-.35cents coupon doubled=.70 off)
      for a grand total of 1.15!

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      This sounds really good! Definitely an inexpensive and yummy breakfast, certainly quick too!

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