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      you can give your kids a choice of one thing they want

      on their list and let them know in advance they can

      have only that one thing they really want on their

      list. Have them make the list of 4 or 5 things and

      have them decide.Make certain that you talk to your

      kids about the true meaning of christmas. You may

      want to take them to church on Christmas. That always

      brings the meaning of the holiday back home. Discuss

      with them their feelings about the church service.

      Sometimes if you turn the tone around, and it takes a

      bit of reinforcement, it may work. I agree that

      Christmas gift giving has really gotten out of hand.

      — pianonurs <> wrote:

      > Hello,

      > I am new to the group. My husband and I are serious

      > about saving

      > money. One thing that has to change is too much

      > money spent on kid’s

      > Christmas gifts. In the past, we have spent a lot on

      > electronic stuff,

      > clothes, you name it. We can’t, and don’t want to,

      > do this anymore.

      > However, I am expecting resistance from my 13 and 18

      > year old.

      > Any advice on how to make this easier? Anyone who

      > has changed their

      > Christmas buying habits, I would love to hear how

      > you did it…

      > Laura

      > in WI




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