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      folks: someone posted a note on here: starting: I know that for

      birthdays & Christmas all things should be new: who started that

      thought? the megacorporations! not a normal human being!

      they started

      the thought, they started the “feel guilty” if you can’t afford to

      get it all all all concept to trick the citizens of the usa into buy

      more buy more buy more! stop the insanity. stop feeling guilty.


      giving them your hard earned money! why do you think they bombard you

      with these? it is psychological warfare; directed against you which

      by the way is illegal in this country; oh, a designer handbag! 5 easy

      payments of $89.95 a month! WHY when I get them at church sales for

      50 cents; pick them up at Goodwill, thrift stores, even yard sales

      for LESS? Got a Sak purse salvation army $1.00; gave it to someone at

      Christmas time; she knew the brand, knew me: was she upset i didn’t

      pay megabucks for it? no! got a victor costa embroidered sweater coat

      for $4.99 at Goodwill; gave to Sister; was SHE upset I didn’t pay $80

      plus s&h to get ‘brand new” NO! Got a pair of Birkis for $1.99

      Goodwill; did I whine I didn’t pay $70 to get brand new? Folks: these

      had never been worn; had sat in someones closet along with multitude

      of others they had paid full price on, then went to goodwill. got

      grandson a bike with expensive helmut & bicycle pump for $40; used;

      for his birthday; early in fact; got it towards end of April when

      passed & saw the free sign on file cabinet along with the bike; i

      took both; said happy birthday early! he had tried it out & was

      thrilled; but said “it’s to much money”; i said no it’s not; & told

      him to put helmut on & be careful riding home; i explained to him

      that the cheapest helmut at walmart was $19; so it was in fact a

      GREAT buy; of course he got birthday cake etc on birthday but he was

      in 7th heaven over the bike; he didn’t care if it was used or not;

      why should you?

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