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      I agree that items do not always have to be “new”. Last year we struggled terribly so I gave my daughter some things that were gently used, (clothes, books, etc.) She was perfectly happy.

      We have comercialized everything so much that we don’t focus on the people as much as the we do the things that we try to buy for them. I would like to encourage everyone (especially those with children) to try getting a gift for a person who is less fortunate. If you can’t do money volunteer, teach, share, write a note.

      Give in the name of another. It is not about the things as it is about the love you show the person.

      Recently my friend was cleaning out her spare room only to have garbage bags of things that she did not need or want that were given as gifts, so please remember it is not about the quantity, and not about the price tag, as it is about the love and thought that goes into a gift and more gifts does not mean more love.


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