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      >I then printed out Mazes, Search word puzzles, license plate games,
      >etc that I found online on various homeschool sites, and slipped the
      >pages into these plastic sleeves.

      Here is one site for mazes/games
      and another

      > What’s your favorite frugal Trip idea:
      Plan ahead, plan ahead, plan ahead.
      > What’s your favorite frugal Hotel Tip:
      1. Reserve in advance and try to find deals ahead of time to save
      money. Easier to do from home than at 10 PM when you decide you need
      to stop for the night.

      If possible try trading drivers off and letting the passengers
      sleep and avoid using a hotel while “in transit”.
      > Best Rental Car Tip:
      ALWAYS opt for additional insurance. It will end up cheaper than
      damage done to the vehicle in an accident. (Hopefully none will
      happen, but better to think in advance.)
      > Best Eating Out Tip/ or eating while Traveling Tip:

      Take as many snack/food items from home as possible to save on
      eating at fast food/restaurants. This would include taking bread and
      sandwich makings and your milk from the fridge in a cooler so it will
      not spoil while you are away.
      2. I always have multiple bags of snack mix/chips/crackers/PB & J
      sandwhich halves/whatever a favorite snack is with us.

      When you do stop at a store leave the kids in the car, and DH as
      well. It will cut back on “mom can I have _____ ?” questions.

      I prefer to not eat in the car unless it can’t be avoided… BUT
      if you have to… Invest in lap trays (for the kids) with a raised
      rim around them for eating in the car, that way if spills happen, by
      the time you get pulled over to clean it up is should still be mostly
      on the tray.

      Saves upholstery and cleaning.
      > Other Tips & Areas that weren’t mentioned above:
      1. Instead of opting to sitesee by going to local museums and fun
      parks, try checking out local parks and other free entry places. The
      kids enjoy these just as much most of the time.

      Let kids choose 3 small favorite toys to take with and than when
      they get bored with those pull out a “goody surprise bag” that you
      prepacked with a few items from a dollar store.
      3. When traveling far, make sure you have access to your
      checking/rainy day fund. If something comes up and you need money
      (car gets a flat/breaks down.) Than you will not have to call and
      borrow money from anyone and have to pay for the cost of having it
      wired to you, and you will not have to charge it and possibly pay

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List Challenge: Frugal Travel & Entertaining Kids while traveling