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      For those of you that haven’t been keeping up…I’m challenging all to think on their feet an only purchase items in the mark-down bin to make their meals for the week (or use what’s in the freezer or pantry)
      This week:
      Sunday – leftover ham in a cheese sauce served over baked potatoes and buttered green beans — $4.59
      Monday — sautéed, marinated chuck steak, Spanish rice, Brussel sprouts in butter sauce — $5.70
      Tuesday — hot dogs with chili and all of the fixin’s with French fries — $5.52
      Wednesday –red beans and rice, using pork neck bones as the meat seasoner and crusty bread — $5.88
      Thursday — Turkey-neck soup using what’s leftover in the fridge and adding pasta — $2.94
      Friday — Whole roasted chicken, mashed taters, and French green beans. $7.99
      Saturday — Hamburgers with the fixin’s, salad and chips — $
      The latter two cost the most, but I have lots of future meals…
      Spent this week — $30.98…What did you spend?!!

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