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      I’m continuing the challenge using the mark-down bin until the store stops marking down meat! The manager of the store knows me well and he was out and about double checking dates and saw me. He came up and told me that there were some pretty good deals of chicken, ham, steaks, and ground beefgiggle smiley
      Sunday — broiled chicken breasts, mashed taters, and buttered broccoli (I can’t wait until I can assemble the smoker/grill that I had to replace after the storms in June wiped out my deck!! But until then, the broiler works;-D) — $7.99
      Monday — diced ham in cheese sauce over rice with buttered green beans — $4.71
      Tuesday — broiled chuck steaks (actually my favorite — cheap, but still good), mac and cheese, Brussel sprouts — $5.70
      Wednesday — whole stuffed chicken with gravy and broccoli almondine — $7.99
      Thursday — poor-man stroganoff over mashed taters and green beans — $2.66
      Friday — leftover chicken stir fry with bell peppers over rice — $2.75
      Saturday — ham-mac and cheese, with left-over broccoli almondine — $2.50
      I spent $34.50 and still have meat to work with for next week…unless I find something more interesting in the mark-down bin…giggle..
      Sandwich smilie

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      Still using frozen meats from previous mark down’s or deer…OR using home prepared frozen dinners from marked down meats or deer. 😀
      Your challenge came at an excellent time!! I’ve got to clear out one of the
      freezers for this Winter when Hubby starts hunting again.

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