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      Here I am again Erin. 🙂 I just can’t keep my mouth shut. lol!!!!

      i am one of those people who did exactly that. we have cable internet, and our
      cell phones. dh and i have seperate numbers so whoever is looking for us gets
      the person they want…

      and they are with us all the time. we have unlimited
      nights and weekends and free long distance on the phones. we each have family
      that lives long distance from us, so we call them on the weekends and talk until
      the batteries die on our phones.

      (for mine that is 3 hours of talk time and 4
      days of standby, I have the Motorolla V60i flip phone.) It really has saved on
      the phone charges.

      The great thing is that DH gets his phone reimbursed by the company he works for
      so only my cell phone is what costs us money.

      It is a huge plus in that if someone wants to reach you they can do that at
      anytime. I can be at the store and people can reach me, or out camping (in most
      areas, I have found some where there is no signal but the voicemail still works
      so they can leave me a message) and I can still get the call. No having to wait
      until I get home to get a message, and no having to find a payphone to check
      messages at home if I am going to be out for a while.

      I has saved us over $300.00 in just this last year. (We would have been paying
      for my cell phone anyway as DH doesn’t like me to travel without it and I am on
      the road a lot.)

      Emily Y.


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      Hey all 😉

      Another thing mentioned was my mobile phone. I have unlimited service
      (unlimited minutes) and long distance. So its a flat rate of $50 a

      It looks like I could/can eliminate my home phone.

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