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      I have only a cell phone – no home phone. I’m also with T-Mobile, which alows me to pick, on my plan, the five people that I call the most, for unlimited calling. I selected the four people that I call the most, and my bank, which is notorious for hold times, LOL. Now I have one monthly bill. I have no need for the home phone at all, which surprised me at first. I did pay for cell phone insurance, because it bit me once, when I laundered the little guy in my jacket. LAter,I lost a cell phone, and the cost of replacement was MUCH less than buying a new one. I think cell phones can be invaluable. NowI see that the land line is the one I should have questioned. Hope this helps someone. Shop around for a good deal, check
      strength of signal in your area, and talk to other people to see what works for them before signing a contract.

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