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      Originally Posted by Angie Thompson:

      “I need to get a cell phone now that I have a job. I looked at the prepaid ones at Walmart briefly yesterday. The one that appealed to me the most was the Verizon model because the people I would call are Verizon users and phone time is free. BUT, it cost $0.99 per day that you use the phone. Let's say I use the phone every day in a month ($31)and have some calls that aren't to Verizon customers (at $0.10/min.), it would be easy to rack up charges that come out more than a $39.99 plan at Verizon. I'd also have to buy the phone and they started at $29.99 (I think). How will that be cheaper?



      If you think you'll be making calls everyday or nearly everyday, you might want to try net10. You can get the phones at Wal-Mart. You're calls will always be 10 cents a minute with no daily charges just to use the phone. You can get plans as low as $15.00/mo. You can check it out at http://www.net10.com. This webpage should answer any questions you have about the service: https://www.net10.com/questions.jsp?nextPage=questions.jsp&task=questions#y I use net10 and I've never had a problem with reception quality.



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