cell phone WWYD?

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      sorry tmobile I have to disagree 🙁 but then again alot of people disagree

      with me too LOL. To each their own. I had cingulair and they weren’t bad. 175

      was the fee when we changed providers with 9 months left on our contracts but I

      negotiated that down to 75 for two phones and 2 months of service that

      overlapped because we had trouble with the phones and the replacements they sent

      us were duds as well…..I have had a ton of problems with motorola phones

      especially battery life that has always been my biggest pet peeve with phones —

      I love Nokia phones and LG aren’t too bad usually either except for the

      chocolate which tends to devour its battery life :).

      Hubby works for verizon so I am a bit biased toward them especially since he

      gets his line free and my line and MILs line ( we share lines on his employee

      plan are 40 for two phones and that includes mobile web, vcast unlimited

      internet and messaging, navigator (GPS) all the bells and whistles……service

      is outstanding and so is signal strength. Hubby was even asked by the DM to

      look for areas near our home that have weak or dead zones so they can add towers

      to improve service :). they are actually the company that FEMA uses after

      disasters to give red cross workers

      Re: cell phone WWYD? Posted by: “~trina~” poohzboo@allvantage.com poohzboo

      Thu Mar 15, 2007 3:09 pm (PST) I agree-I am a T-Mobile fan !!!

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