cell phone WWYD?

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      I agree—I am a T-Mobile fan !!!

      like that if you have CONTROL over
      your plan—if you decide that one plan is not enough minutes or too much,
      you can go one way or another

      You can also transfer a PREPAID T-mobile
      account phone to a regular account. (they don’t tell you—but its an
      added bonus!! If yu find you want to upgrade from prepaid etc)

      Without a complaint. Even if you are on
      the edge of your minutes,went over, –and want to upgrade for the month to
      avoid those OVER LIMIT FEES. Been there done that. They were very helpful. All
      my family is on T-Mobile. We also of course have free mobile to mobile/free
      weekends/and after 9 free They have good upgrade specials too. we have a
      2,000 minute family plan for $139, I believe. (only $10 for 3rd line
      for daughter)

      I am especially a loyal customer because
      my husband has a rare illness that causes amnesic episodes

      And when he went missing, they were even
      able to help police help search within a 2 mile radius, because they could tell
      me where the signal was coming from.

      (towers are between 2-7 miles apart,
      depending on city,etc and are numbered or have addresses)

      anyhow, they just went the extra mile for
      us and we were even able to temporarily freeze service up to a few months at NO
      CHARGE!! And not go against you in contract. (that could’ve been done at
      no charge for your son)

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      The fee to cancel service is $175 to $200,
      depending on whatcell phone company you have. I have T-mobile and I
      love the service they give me………My son also has T-mobile. He lost
      his job last year and wanted to eliminate his cell bill but could not afford
      the cancel fee. T-mobile did let him switch to the least expensive plan
      they have. He was very happy with that. He still was able to have a
      cell phone for in case of emergencies, and at a cost he could afford.
      Best of all, he was able to keep his number that he had had for years.

      Ask your cell company what they can do for you.
      I’ve had several carriers, and in terms of service, I’ve found T-mobile to be
      the best in working with me to make me happy.

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