cell phone WWYD?

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      Thank you! I called and they want $200.00 to cancel the contract YIKES!

      They did offer me a 15% discount but that doesnt seem like much of a deal.

      I am torn.

      > Each plan has a different price, and it also depends on if you signed a

      > contract for some period of time. So check out your specific contract.


      > You may also call up your cell phone company and tell them that you

      > plan to switch as soon as possible.


      > Then tell them that you thought you’d see if they could make it so

      > you’d want to stay. Have some advertised deals you can quote to them. I

      > did that and got my monthly rate reduced about 30 percent.


      > Lisa


      >> I am thinking of cancelling my cell phone to save myself 60 bucks a

      >> month. Dh has a phone that is only $25.00 a month and has plenty of

      >> minutes for what I need. He has a work cell so he really doesnt need

      >> the extra one. Does anyone know what it costs to cancel your

      > contract?

      >> I know it is pricey but thinking it might be worth it in the long

      > run.

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