cell phone WWYD?

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      Another thing about T-Mobile. My father is a Dr and my husband is a LEO (Law

      Enforcement Officer) and we all use TMobile. When the hurricanes went

      through FL year before last (thankfully we didn’t get direct hits) but we

      lost power and flooding and wind damage but you know what we NEVER lost Cell

      Contact with eachother. It was great!!! They also have agreements with other

      cell companies for when they don’t have coverage in an area you don’t have

      to pay a roaming fee (great for travel). We have been with them for almost

      4years (my dad 6+ I think) Heck, between us we have tried EVERY company even

      the prepays and TMobile is the BEST. Reception, Customer Service and Pricing

      Ok this is my 2 cents



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      To each his own is correct. But I have to disagree with you. You may be

      getting a good deal with Verizon because hubby is an employee. But when

      they have you under contract, and have to pay them, they are not always so

      nice. In my experience, and with my son also, no matter what went wrong,

      Verizon was very difficult to work with.

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