cell phone WWYD?

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      IMHO…Verizon has the best coverage but the worst customer service. So you

      have to decide which means more to you! We’ve been with Verizon for

      probably 8 years or so now. Our contract was up in December and we almost

      switched but we went to a Verizon outlet in our local Circuit City and they

      were very helpful, polite and friendly. The manager there told us to never

      call customer service. He said if we have a problem to come and see him

      that way our problems will get solved because we will always be dealing with

      the same person. I told him about several problems we had been having with

      Verizon including being charged for downloads that we weren’t making and he

      went back and entire year and credited our account for all of those charges.

      We got two new Razor phones for free and a free month of service. Several

      things made us stay with Verizon, first the coverage and second the Verizon

      to Verizon minutes. Many of our calls are to family members with Verizon

      phones so we were able to get the cheapest plan since many of our calls are

      free under the V to V minutes.


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