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      I am about to get a cell phone. I had one years ago, but because it

      was only on for me to call, I never really “knew” as in memorized my

      number, I never ever received a call on it, since it was never one

      and no one knew my number. I had it strictly for “emergencies” only

      to discover, that not once did I have an emergency, instead, all of

      my calls were made about 60 seconds away from my office to call home

      and ask if we needed bread or milk…I finally got tired of paying

      for a stupid, lazy call. The worse that can happen is we don’t need

      bread and milk and I buy it anyway, freezer, or we need break and

      milk and I don’t buy it…for 2 guys 36 and 58, get over it… But,

      with a granddaughter, I now feel the need to have a cell phone, but

      the different phones, carriers, plans…I fell like I can learn brain

      surgery easier than make a simple decision. I want as cheap as

      possible, only use when I want, even if it is to ask about bread and

      milk status at home…

      I don’t plan to text, don’t plan to call and talk for long periods of

      time, don’t plan to call long distance with any regularity, though 2

      states are just about 30 miles away from me, so I do sometimes end up

      in them.

      I’m looking at the Jitterbug. Does anyone have any

      experience/opinion on this phone and plan? Any recommendation?. I

      swear the amount of info in describing one plan over another, and to

      discover that only in the end or very fine print…infuriates me!!!!

      Simply, cheap, user friendly. Recommendations greatly appreciated.



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