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      My husband and I do not use our cell phones much at all. But we signed a 2 yr contract because our kids naaaaaggggged us for a cell phone. Our contract expires in January and we will be switching to a pre pay phone.

      We bought our youngest one a pre pay phone and we got a phone with 300 mun for $30. He was told to make sure he has enough minutes to last him 2 mos. So in January my husband and I will each get 2 cell phones with 30 min each and it will cost us each $30 for 2 months.

      No high taxes that come with the contract since we do not use it allot. Most people I talked to wouldn’t do without the unlimited min. on their cell phones.

      What do people have to talk about so much.


      I don’t plan to text, don’t plan to
      call and talk for long periods of
      time, don’t plan to call long distance with any regularity, though 2
      states are just about 30 miles away from me, so I do sometimes end up
      in them.
      I’m looking at the Jitterbug. Does anyone have any
      experience/opinion on this phone and plan? Any recommendation?.

      swear the amount of info in describing one plan over another, and to
      discover that only in the end or very fine print…infuriates me!!!!
      Simply, cheap, user friendly. Recommendations greatly appreciated.

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